Get Your Share

Get Your Share

"Investing in the stock market is a way you can start securing your future now. I'll teach you how to buy and sell stocks and read technical charts as easily as you would a mail-order catalog. And we'll have a ball . . ."

Financial planner and broker Julie Stav has been helping women get rich for years—but her inspiring story began when she was forced to leave her native Cuba as a teenager. Penniless, she escaped to America, became a school teacher and married. A divorce left her a single parent with a pile of debts and thirty-three cents in her checking account, so she turned to the stock market. Her investments paid off—and her story provided invaluable inspiration to the tens of thousands of people who eventually joined her at investment clubs.

In her first hardcover, Julie Stav is ready to share her hands-on techniques with the world. You don’t have to be a mathematician or money expert, she explains—all you need is your initial investment (no matter how small) and a sound grasp of basic principles that can help you pick winners, recognize opportunities, and ditch the duds before they drain your funds. In addition to guidance on getting started, she offers tips on finding (or founding) an investment club—a support system that can give you a major advantage in the market.

Smart, sensible, and down-to-earth, Julie Stav has accomplished the impossible—she’s simplified the stock market, and put a new world of wealth within the reach of every woman and man.

If you’re already investing-or are interested in finding out how to do it-Julie Stav can make it easier than you ever imagined.

Fund Your Future

En esta guía inteligente y sensata, Julie Stav explica que lo único que necesitas es una idea clara de adónde quieres llegar y de qué quieres lograr.

Financial planner and broker Julie Stav first took the American and Spanish markets by storm with the bestseller and PBS Series Get Your Share. She spoke specifically to women, showing them how to strike it rich in the stock market. Now she speaks to everyone-men and women, young and old, new and seasoned investor alike-sharing her wisdom on how to make long-term financial dreams come true.

One of the keys to achieving successful financial goals is in mutual funds and 401(k)s. And while most people do participate in such investment plans, they may not be participating profitably. In this smart, sensible and down-to-earth guide, Julie Stav shows investors and prospective investors how to get the most out of their mutual funds and 401(k) plans. She explains how to set financial goals-whether they are to retire with financial dignity, send the kids to college, or purchase a new home-and achieve them.

But most of all, Julie Stav’s fun, conversational, and easy-to-understand approach takes the fear out of investing and puts the roadmap to riches within reach.

In this updated edition of Fund Your Future, Stav shows step by step how to set financial goals and examine your current investment plans to determine if you are investing as profitably as possible. Her signature blend of supportiveness and expert practical advice takes the fear out of investing and puts the roadmap to riches within easy reach.

Fund Your Future
The Money In You!

The Money In You!


No amount of data and market expertise trumps the fundamental truth we all forget—that building wealth, attaining security, and establishing personal success can be achieved only when we recognize our strengths and weaknesses. If we are in touch with our motivations, our desires, and our innate tendencies, we can shed the guilt of making the same mistakes repeatedly; we can halt the vicious circle of overspending, debt, and ruined relationships. It is then that we are able to restructure our lives to fit our individual goals, whether it’s learning to play the stock market or just saving up to buy a pair of shoes.

With the myriad pressures involved in building wealth, instilling practical spending habits in ourselves and our kids, Julie shows us how to establish healthy relationships with the people who are affected by our financial decisions, and who affect us with theirs. Endlessly entertaining, this book will initiate feisty discussions over just who we are and how we interact with others.

Structured much in the same way the signs of the Zodiac are organized (with each Zodiac sign representing its own set of character traits—both strengths AND weaknesses), THE MONEY IN YOU! segments 5 different financial types in this world, and why all of us fit into one more than we do the others. It is our understanding of our financial nature, or the way we innately view money matters, that drives our financial decisions. Mastering this nature is the key to unlocking our financial success.

Once we figure out which best defines us, we create a solid plan around who we are, rather than change us with advice our financial nature is sure to reject. Julie also teaches the reader how to interract with the other financial types around us, in the relationships that are most important to us.

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